1. Homework Center
  2. U.S. Citizenship
  3. Therapy Dogs International
  4. Art Literacy
  5. Story Hour
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Homework Center

(831) 769-8724
11160 Speegle St., Castroville, CA. 95012

Sally Childs and Anita Hernandez established the Homework Center, and the Community Computer Project in 1985 for the Andy Ausonio Library.  CSUMB students and local high school students volunteer to assist library staff and Patrons. In 1999, the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) of the American Library Association (ALA) recognized Sally for her outstanding service towards young adults. The Homework Center is sponsored by the Foundation of the Monterey County Free Libraries, to provide a space for all students to work on their homework.  Students have access to printers, computer resources, including internet access, electronic databases, and word processing apps are available. For information call (831) 883-7542. U.S. Citizenship Program Homework Center.

U.S. Citizenship Program

DACA Assistance- Luis Arreguin (831) 595-1740
Enrollment- Mr. Jose Yáñez (831) 287-4570

In 2010, we started a program in the Castroville Library to meet a need for assistance in obtaining U.S. Citizenship. There had been citizenship classes offered through adult education, but funds had been cut and the classes were no longer available.

The program is modeled after the library literacy program in the sense that our tutoring assistance designed to meet the student’s needs, rather than offering a class. Individualized help is a logical way to proceed because our students’ needs are varied. Our clients range from young college students who just need help with the application paperwork to senior citizens who are studying in Spanish. At first we met once a week from 5 to 7 PM on Thursdays in the library where volunteers helped students get started with the process and learn how to study for the interview and exam. Many of our volunteers were high school students who got a real sense of accomplishment helping their elders achieve their dreams.

Although I conceived and established the program, most of the daily work was done by volunteers. One of our long-time volunteers is Luis Arreguin, a teacher of adult students. When the North Monterey Unified School District received funding for Adult Education, they hired Luis to teach U.S. Citizenship. Since he was already working with us, they kept him in the library.

Having Luis Arreguin as a paid teacher has allowed us to expand our program so that now we provide service to citizenship students for 3 hours a day 3 days a week.

Sally Childs

Art Literacy Program

Book making, charcoal painting, cardboard robots, oil painting, screen printing, kite building, Japanese brush painting, and fish sculptures. Spring decorated hallowed eggs, Day of the Dead masks, Christmas ornaments, and Valentine’s Day cards.

(Ret.) Director, Su Chesterman

Artist, volunteer, teacher, and member of the Friends of the Andy Ausonio Library, Su Chesterman served as the Art Instructor for the Art Literacy Program over several years.

Virginia Baillie-Suzuki

(Late) Founder of the Art Literacy Program, Virginia “Ginny” Baillie-Suzuki (1947 – 2011). Graduated from University of Pennsylvania, Penn State University, Tulane University and Pepperdine for graduate degrees. Ginny taught nursing in Japan, Scotland, England, and Germany. Monterey Herald staff writer Mr. Stephen Tung, authored the article about why Ginny started the Art Literacy Program titled, “Cancer diagnosis prompts woman to start youth art program.”  Article.

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