Ms. Virginia “Ginny” Baillie Suzuki

Founder of the Art Literacy Program. 

First Art Literacy Class
Ginny’s first art literacy class was in August 2009.  She asked the students to decorate cigar boxes with an assortment of materials.  Once decorated, students filled their boxes with written words describing themselves.  Ginny had be given stones from Native Americans in Arizona, and she pass them on to her students who researched the stones and the symbolic meaning for each variety.

Virginia”Ginny” Baillie-Suzuki (1947 – 2011)
Ginny was born July 19, 1947, in Pennsylvania and her parents are the late William M. and Mary T. Baillie.  She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, Penn State University, Tulane University and Pepperdine for graduate degrees.

Ginny’s nursing career included positions in Medical Centers, Colleges and Universities, Community Mental Health Centers, Monterey County Health Department, and Hartnell College.  She was one of the first nurses to own and operate a private counseling practice for stress management and behavioral health for adults and children.

Ginny’s teaching and research led to authoring a textbook on leadership as well as various articles on caregiver research. She joined Louise Trygstad DNS in teaching nursing leadership throughout the state and later with Diane Ericson formed the first “Creative Expression and Support Group for Women” that ran over 20 years.

Ginny traveled to Japan, Scotland, England and Germany where she taught Creative Expression and Health and Stress Management. She developed a 30-year relationship with her extended family and returned to Japan to teach. Her last position while reducing her private practice was as Coordinator of the Creative Living Program at the Salinas Adult School.

Monterey Herald staff writer Mr. Stephen Tung wrote an article about Ginny and why she started the Art Literacy Program, it is titled, “Cancer diagnosis prompts woman to start youth art program.”  Article.

Ginny’s memorial is available from Struve and Laporte of Salinas, CA.

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