U.S Citizenship Program

Monterey Counties Free Libraries (MCFL), the Andy Ausonio Library offers assistance with the naturalization process through the U.S. Citizenship Program. Preparation classes, completing the N-400 Form, review of civic questions, study materials, assistance with paperwork, tutoring, and practice interviews.

Recent News Article:
Featured in the Salinas Californian are Sally Childs, Homework Center Coordinator/Librarian, and Luis Arreguin, Volunteer for DACA Assistance/U.S. Citizenship Instructor from North Monterey County Unified School District.
(The Californian, 8 Jan 2021. Page 4A Page 8A).

DACA Assistance- Luis Arreguin (831) 595-1740
Enrollment- Mr. Jose Yáñez (831) 287-4570

(The California.  8 Jan 2021.  Fri.  Page 4A and Page A8 ).

Castro Plaza

Castro Plaza encompasses an entire block between Preston and McDougall St. The facility includes; Supervisor, John M. Phillips (District 2), Andy Ausonio Library, and the Child/Family Resource Center.

The building is painted in a light orange with Spanish tiles. Large lights  are paired with the entrance door.  The address is 10601.

Donations, memberships dues, and volunteer opportunities
(831) 796-8724.

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