U.S Citizenship Program

Monterey Counties Free Libraries (MCFL), the Andy Ausonio Library offers assistance with the naturalization process through the U.S. Citizenship Program. Preparation classes, completing the N-400 Form, review of civic questions, study materials, assistance with paperwork, tutoring, and practice interviews.

Newspaper article:
Sally Childs, Homework Center Coordinator/Librarian, and Luis Arreguin, Volunteer for DACA Assistance/U.S. Citizenship Instructor from North Monterey County Unified School District.

DACA Assistance- Luis Arreguin (831) 595-1740
Enrollment- Mr. Jose Yáñez (831) 287-4570

(The Californian, 8 Jan 2021. Page 4A Page 8A).

Castro Plaza

Castro Plaza encompasses an entire block between Preston and McDougall St. This facility includes the office of Supervisor, John M. Phillips (District 2), Andy Ausonio Library, and the Child/Family Resource Center.

Donations, memberships dues, and volunteer opportunities
(831) 796-8725

The building is painted in a light orange with Spanish tiles. Large lights  are paired with the entrance door.  The address is 10601.

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