Book Assistance Scholarship 2023

The 2022 application form will remain on this page until the new materials have been posted. Information will be available soon.

Dates for Applicants

Applicants should request the “Reference Form,” from the library staff person no later than April 25th, 2022. Application due date: April 30, 2022, at 5 p.m.

2022 Scholarship Reference Form

2022 Application for Andy Ausonio Friends Scholarship

Submitting your application

The Homework Center is available for you to use. Volunteers and the library staff are ready to assist you, should there be any questions about references and your application. Please type your responses and provide contact information. You may leave your application at the front desk within the Andy Ausonio Library, or mail it to us.

The Friends of the Andy Ausonio Library
C/O 2020 Book Assistance Scholarship
11160 Speegle Street
Castroville, CA. 95012

When you have questions call us directly at the Andy Ausonio Library, at (831) 769-8724. Best Wishes and good luck!

Donations, memberships dues, and volunteer opportunities
(831) 796-8725

The building is painted in a light orange with Spanish tiles. Large lights  are paired with the entrance door.  The address is 10601.

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